Roadrunner Refurbish 2012


The Roadrunner sculpture has spent the last ten years at a rest area just west of Las Cruces. This venue has provided access to the work for thousands of people traveling the I-10 corridor. The growth and expansion of internet access has facilitated the popularization of the work and it has become a well-known landmark.

Unlike most pieces of outdoor public artwork, the sculpture is largely composed of materials that are not considered “permanent”. Hence, due to exposure to the harsh southwest climate, from time to time the artwork requires attention. As well, the artwork’s proximity to “human exposure” over time, has created wear and tear as some visitors remove pieces or make their own modifications to the appearance of the work.

Over the last eleven weeks the artwork has been moved from the rest area, dismantled, and is in the final stage of completion.  The links below are images of the process to date. Photos and information are added and changed as this page is a work in progress.  Feel free to drop in again and see the updates!